Information Technology

Application Development – CRM, LIMS, Medical Billing, Voter Data & Image Inventory

Bagwell has been a software with extensive experience leading enterprise level application deployment, software integration, development, user training, and process change management. He has extensive experience in Health Care.
Bagwell brings xperience at nearly every level of the information technology business. His experience includes application design and development, project management, online course development, business analysis, business proposal development, web design and online publishing, and a publication record covering the fields of team development and IT professional development.
Lead Developer
  • CRM – Project Manager and Developer of Crisis Intervention CRM application.  Led development of 24/7 Crisis Hotline with real time intake clinical notes and performance tracking. Translated functional to technical specifications from user requirements, test plans, quality assurance, implementation and extensive user training.  Developed application that was utilized by multi-state personal crisis intervention hotline. Designed application for process admissions, intakes, and recurring crisis calls and outreach interventions.Identified Bugs, defects, break-fix, identified application or system issues, incident resolution, business requirements, data reporting tools.
  • Wasterwater LIMS – Served as Key Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Developer of database application for tracking laboratory testing (LIMS) of regional water treatment facility.   Performed design, development, full cycle testing, implementation and user training. Database was utilized for local, state, Federal and private customer compliance.   Supported ObjectPAL applications, Windows 3.1 Win95/98 and LANtastic environments. SDLC and RAD methodologies.   Maintained multi-user network LIMS database, including billing and project costing application, statistical (graphical) quality assurance application, and basic project management application. Identified Bugs, defects, break-fix, identified application or system issues, incident resolution, business requirements, data reporting tools.
  • Medical Billing – Key Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Developer of medical management reporting and insurance billing system. Developed medical rehabilitation facility billing and performance application that included patient records, patient treatment charges, account balances, national standard insurance form printing and extensive specialized reporting.   Developed rehabilitation billing, reporting and performance application. Performed medical management reporting HCFA 1500 and UB82 billing including patient records, treatment charges, and extensive reporting.
  • Image Database – Served as Key Business Analyst, Project Manager and Lead Developer of the Illustrator Archive digital image inventory application.Developed Digital Recovery and Graphic arts inventory. The application was developed to provide inventory control and copyright due diligence for the company’s illustration recovery project. The production process involved the scanning of public domain illustrations from published works for which the copyright had passed.